Our physiotherapy department is complete with all the latest physiotherapy equipments, which are used by our efficient physiotherapist for qualified rehabilitation. From the social point of view we also provide occupational therapy to benefit our patients with a speedy recovery from any disease or injury.

Joint Manipulation and Taping:-

Mobilisation and manipulation techniques are commonly used when you have pain and stiffness around a joint or muscle. Rest assured that the therapist is within the control of yourself so that the movement can be stopped if you so wish.

Heat Therapy and Cryotherapy:-

Heat therapy consists of a hot pack or heat bath. Cryotherapy consists of an ice pack or ice bath. They are usually applied for up to 20 minutes, where you would have to remain still. Your therapist will remain with you throughout the treatment and will monitor the temperature of your affected muscle.


There are different types of electrotherapy, varying by using heat, sound waves or electrical stimulation. These are good for treating pain in muscles and joints, swelling, and to help the healing process.

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